What is it People Want?

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In the morning, people sit at breakfast and listen to the radio. They hear that Opel had 20.4 per cent of the market in the 1970-ies, whereas now it only has 8.4 per cent. Stores had 12.5 per cent, as opposed to 2.5 per cent now.

Well, tell the people something that is News to them.

The last time your average citizen bought a car, it was not an Opel, and all they bought at Karstadt was a saucer, some thread and 100 grams of Milano Salami.

After that, he went around the corner to Saturn, Douglas and P&C, where the real shopping was done.

The purchases totalled almost 1,000 Euros.

To be sure, in theory the DVD player, the makeup and the elegant jacket were also available at Karstadt.

Well, in theory, but not exactly in practice.
When he went to Karstadt, his daughter never came along.

She went directly to Zara and H&M..
People show compassion and declare their solidarity with the companies concerned,
but they continue to buy elsewhere.

Regardless of all compassion, they are sure
that they will never get exactly what they want at Karstadt or Opel.

And people feel that the owners of the respective companies confirm the collective mood.

They do not give.

So the people have voted.

By means of their briefcases.
Now, people want the politicians to do the job for them.

Either as they want it, or else according to some higher wisdom.

After all, people assume that the absolute elite will always know better when it comes to breaking point.

That is why they elected the elite in the first place.

The elite will basically not decide like the people.

The elite helped Opel, not Karstadt.

People think: this is perfectly okay.

There is probably a higher truth somewhere behind it.

Like so often, this truth is likely to be dialectical.

Opel yes.

Karstadt no.

So what is the higher wisdom of the elite?

Frau Mönig-Raane of Verdi found it.

“Now is not the time to insist on principles.

Aah – think the people – that is the truth of the matter!

Higher wisdom is really in good hands with the higher estates.

(translated by EG)

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