The Good and the Evil Inside all of Us.

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Many football fans were touched.

When the Brasilian defender David Luiz asked the audience to celebrate and console the sobbing James Rodriguez of the Columbian team that had just lost the match. Afterwards, he even took him along when the Brasilians went on their lap of honour.

What a nice person.

The sports reporter of my hometown newspaper, however, was surprised. He remembered David Luiz from the super cup finals in 2013 as a person who fouled unfairly and was provocative. Somehow or other, these two images did not seem to go together.

This is probably because of the eternal and miserable question: are humans good or evil by nature?

The correct answer is that, by nature, humans are neither the one nor the other. However, they learn to use good and evil strategically. You decide if you want to do the good or the evil thing. It depends on which behaviour will serve you better in order to reach your goal. Evil is the price we pay for the freedom to make our own decisions.

Of course, there are brain deformations which cause “evil” to be inside a person from birth, rather than after a learning process. But even then the brain is not evil. It does not even know what “evil” means. Instead, the lack of alternatives and options caused by the mental defect will always cause the “evil” action.

What do we learn from this? There are neither good nor evil persons. Only persons who act nicely or not. You can again see that this is not just the foul cliché it seems to be at first sight from the fact that the series “our fathers, our mothers” is now such a surprising success. In this series, the Nazis are portrayed just as good or evil as their opponents. For a German program, this was a novelty. Normally, the one group would have been stuck with being evil, while the other group would always have been portrayed as the good ones.

Every one of us can change from good to evil at any given time, provided the context gives the right motivation. Tonight, when David Luiz plays against Germany, you should probably expect to see more of the evil defender. But perhaps he will generously kiss the loser Neuer on the forehead after the match.


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