Happiness is a warm gun #3 – Fire sale.

Von six

1st step: tying up traffic.
2nd step: tying up finances and telecommunication.
3rd step: tying up the energy supply.

A mixture of first-class hackers and Warm Guns.

Die Hard 4.0

What can you assume about people who are behind the manifesto “The Future Uprising”?

In the Hollywood film “Die Hard 4.0″, a lonely  
Bruce Willis manages to stop a mixture 
of first-class hackers and Warm Guns on their way 
to neutralize the entire national infra structure 
(which is called “fire sale” in the film).

Predictably, according to film dramatics, it happens at the third stage with little time to spare.

Is such a scenario realistic 
if you consider the “future uprising”?

So far, the computer networks are not yet sufficient;
the process of centralization is not yet far enough advanced.

Are there any hackers and Warm Guns as portrayed in the film?

But certainly.

Who would benefit from the subsequent anarchy?

Since it was prevented in the film, let me illustrate it 
by using Iraq as outlined by the US author Dexter Filkins 
in “The Eternal War” as an example: in the Iraq, we had a situation 
the radical leftists desired for several 
months. Saddam’s state had been abolished,
American soldiers had not yet arrived with enough strength 
in the country. So they showed their faces: all the 
teachers, scientists and lawyers who 
wanted a free and democratic state of Iraq. 
They put their names down for civil servants’ posts, 
founded parties, voiced their opinions, showed their 
colours. And then, Dexter Filkins writes, “then
they went to the butcher’s table”.

hundreds, eventually thousand of intellectuals,
activists and enlightened persons were killed 
in the new Iraq – along with their families.
They were killed by old Baath militia, by Shiite 
militia, by Al Qaida, by guys bought for the purpose, 
driving their jeeps.

“After the power monopoly of the state, after 
private ownership and without public transportation,
there will be only a short summer 
of anarchy.

The invisible leftist militants of the 
“future uprising” overestimated their own 
strength. A collapsing public order 
would not be improved by the communards 
who read Deleuze, but reigned by the Mafia”.
(Citation of the last two paragraphs is taken from FAS).

Living on the precarious degree if latitude 
between security and freedom, we are nesting 
among masses of endlessly small individuals 
in a system that permits so much 
we actually get scared of all this freedom.

Warm Guns get attention,
Warm Guns are never bored,
Warm Guns take all liberties,
Warm Guns are probably happy.

But who among us is capable of being a Warm Gun?

In the end, the hero in “Die Hard 4.0″, who represents us all 
in our fight against the evil of the world,
shoots through his own shoulder in order to 
kill the top evil guy.

We shoot against the “Südpost” and the Taxi dilemma.


(Translated by EG)

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