Happiness is a warm gun #1.

Von six

According to legend, John Lennon found the title line of the song 
when browsing through an American weapons magazine.
The first line, however, would not suggest so:
She is not a girl, who misses much.

Fear Thee Not! The IF blog will remain family-friendly.
In this song, Lennon remains as ambivalent as all societies 
on the topic.
Free aggression and free libido are just 
memories of antiquated societies.
They lived free, lusty and -
not very long.

We today live long, bored and without lust.
Because we decided for security.

Freedom and security – you cannot have both.

Unless you are an investment banker.
Then you can speculate
to your heart’s content,
totally secure, with state guarantees.
Envy is not called for.
If you decide to be systemic,
you can have the same.

Freedom versus security is the prevailing web topic.
Except that they never say that it comes along in all varieties of disguises.

Let the climate run against climate protection.
New technologies against craftsmanship.
Low taxes against high taxes.
Sometimes freedom is totally dead
(when it comes to the actual freedom to vote),
sometimes security is poorly organized
(IF blog Taxi Dilemma).

That is the material the battles of outrage are fought with in the internet.
Small stuff for great battles – a never-ending source of material.

Because fire and water will never go together.
Well, even the Republican friends of freedom in America 
are no exception.
37% want the government to invest more.
39% vote for less government spending.
You cannot get more schizophrenic than that.

Happiness is the material we are all after.
And if we fail to get it 
we complain, criticize and grumble.
And we inflate the web 
with it, so that
it will deflate itself by permanently farting.

So what was it about the happiness of a warm gun?
It seems the time for “just words” in the web is over.
A new movement comes from France,
you can see the heralds on the French side already.
It is a movement that also uses (rather glamorous) 
But in addition, it uses weapons.
More on this in my next post.

(Translated by EG)

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