Flat Rate People

Von six

The latest on the market is a Bordello chain offering a flat rate on sex. Men pay 70 Euros per day and do it as often as they can with whoever they want to. This bridges a gap in the market.

If you are a faithful reader of our Radio Philosophy, you will probably remember? Exactly: in “The Human Animal”, we said about humans that countless varieties based on the Four are what distinguishes us from the animals.

The Four: eating like pigs, boozing, lazing around and sex. After all, flat rates are the ideal way of abolishing the multitude of variances. The first three of the four already had their flat rates. Eating like pigs (all inclusive), boozing (apart from all inclusive vacations, there is also the daily practice of the future generations in discotheques), lazing around (package tours).
Now, the sex flat rate consequently bridges the gap between man and animal that was opened during short intervals by fashionable apparitions like Goethe (“Hier bin ich Mensch…”) or the age of enlightenment. Personally, I am very much in favour of this development, because to me the Four are truly important. Also, I consider the development of consciousness a short-time error of the evolutionary process.

Is it really necessary for our species to not only cause massacres, but even write books on them? Do we have to ask ourselves at the age of 20 if we will still be sexually proficient when we are 70? Do we have to get the choice between 40 brands of marmalade? Do we have to camouflage the boozing we basically desire behind countless, sometimes absurd, euphemisms?

You could call the flat rate movement a breach of consciousness due to tiredness. Basically, we are just fed up with having to think about everything in advance, with having to come up with hundreds of decisions, rather than four.

The only thing that worries me is that the over-enthusiasm that is bound to be motivated by the flat rate will cause temporary irritations in our physical well-being. It is human nature not to stop unless you are really physically no longer capable. I guess that is an unavoidable side-effect of unconscious happiness.

(Translated by EG)

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