Research in the Internet: How to Increase the Profile of your Blog

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Eight Pieces of Advice For Your Popular Blog

5 Top Articles You Yourself are Proud of

Before you go online with a blog, you should have around five articles for starters. Especially during the initial phase of the blog, a high-quality article should go online every day in order to arouse the interest of future readers of the blog. During the initial phase, there are plenty of ideas for articles – which is why you should make a list and structure them well before publication.

Topics the readers are particularly interested in should be further extended. This will be the groundwork for a circle of readers that continues to come back.

Advertise Yourself

In comments, forum articles, social networks, etc. you should always add the link to your blog on the signature. The same goes for your daily email exchange.

Blogger Networks

One of the most important elements is staying in contact with other bloggers. Many readers arrive at other sites through links. Naturally, your first choice will be authors who write about similar areas of interest.
The more pages you link with each other, the more visitors each of those pages will have. Your own blog appears in their statistics and the owner of the linked page is made aware of your own page, linking it. What we get is a win-win situation.

Trackbacks / Pingbacks?

Trackback is an important system linking articles by different bloggers, both of whom write about similar topics and probably even refer to each other. If an author refers to an article written by another blogger, all you have to do is write the URL of the post into your trackback field. The trackback URL will be added to the original article as a comment.

WordPress offers pingbacks (“automatic trackbacks”) as a standard procedure. You no longer need to enter the trackback URL of the article to be linked in your own article. It will suffice if you write the permalink URL of an article into your text. Here is more information (This is a pingback).

Everything Social

Social news services à la Twitter are particularly effective if you twitter a mixture of personal information, news on blog articles and links on pages you recommend. On many blog pages, you will find statistics that seem to show what a huge part of readers have been made aware of a blog through such services.

In addition, special articles can be brought to public attention by using social bookmarks such as for instance del.icio.usstumbleupondigg.

For more information on how twitter and social bookmarks work, read the next bi-weekly-news.
Do not Forget the Feed Reader

Many readers subscribe to RSS Feeds from popular pages – which is why your page, too, should offer this service. There are two variants of feeds: shortened versions and complete versions. There is no clear preference between the two. Shortened versions take the reader to the desired page, but complete versions are preferred by some users because then they need not pay the respective page an extra visit.

Many bloggers believe in FeedBurner, instead of using the feed system supplied by wordpress. One reason for this is the improved service for evaluation by the number of readers and rankings of popular articles.

Still More Free Information

In terms of modern language, OpenSource-Content would be called “free downloads”. For instance, some precious and interesting e-books are offered for free downloading. Nor does our IF blog fall short in this respect, either. You will find a supply of worthy downloads listed under dokumente.

List Your Blog

Blog seek engines and blog directories are a much-used instrument for both new bloggers and readers. Using them, you can find blogs on related topics and get an overview of potentially interesting blogs.

Technorati and blogoscoop are two such services. They also supply ranking functions and ways to find similar blogs.

(Translated by EG)

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