Wonderful Munich Theatre

Some time ago, I determined that I now have a new favourite theatre.

From the outside, it does not look very impressive at all. Inside, the foyer and audience room look more like the auditorium of Neuperlach School Centre than like one of the leading theatres of the cultural metropolis Munich.

It can be assumed that the stage does not have an elaborate technology like that in the “Kammerspiele” or the “Residenztheater”, either.
… on stage, you can see passion. And the audience is drawn in by a company of many young faces. In the “Volkstheater”, you can witness the audience giving voice to jubilant exultation. And we are not just talking the typical pieces that always guarantee success, such as “Brandner Kaspar” or “Dreigroschenoper”.

It is really fascinating how such a small theatre can overtake the great companies of the metropolitan with heart. In those, theatre is somehow sterile, if very modern. With often permanent audio and dominant video effects.

Except that the reason I go to the theatre is not that I want to watch TV. For great monologues, I need no musical background. And it is nice if you understand a little of the piece you are seeing.

Contrary to these big houses, the small “Volkstheater” offers a show that is played with heart. Every single theatre night will be a celebration. I am sure that Christian Stückl, being the artistic director, has deserved most of the credit for this. The only pity is that you sometimes can no longer get tickets for a play at the “Volkstheater”…

Incidentally, there is a second theatre in Munich where you can see how passionate and miraculous theatre can be. It is the “Metropol” in Freimann. It, too, is always sold out, yet is fighting for its existence. While the great and sterile theatres get gigantic subsidies, those small ones have to make every cent last twice as long.

(Translated by EG)

I took the pictures from the press release of the “Volkstheater”. They show scenes from the “Dreigroschenoper”. And tomorrow, I will again see the Dreigroschenoper in the Volkstheater.

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