When to Buy Domestic Fuel? Good Advice by an Insider! Or “Domestic Fuel in Agriculture”

bild0468 For some time now, the price for domestic fuel has been rising. There is a very informative graphic representation of this process by  tecson.

Unfortunately, my family still depends on domestic fuel for warmth. Since our house is quite big (and the “children” often take showers), we need plenty.

Besides, this June is rather cold. So I have to remember to buy domestic fuel. If you buy domestic fuel at the right time, you can save a lot of money. After all, over the last three years, prices have varied between almost a Euro and less than 50 cents.

By accident, I meet the man who always delivers my domestic fuel on one of his delivery rounds. Since he has been delivering domestic fuel for 40 years, he is the one who should know. So I ask his advice.

Well, he cannot really help me. However, he thinks that very late in autumn, after the corn has been reaped and dried, should be a good time. Most of the private containers are full by that time and the great demand of domestic fuel by the farmers is over. Consequently, there would usually be a market surplus and prices should drop.

I am rather surprised as I ask: “Are you telling me that the farmers dry their corn with domestic fuel?”. “Yes”, he replies. He always has to work overtime after the corn has been reaped, because “that is the time when really a lot of domestic fuel is needed. And after that, there is always a decrease of demand, little work and lower prices. “

Well, I have to say that came as a surprise to me. When I was a child, I sometimes helped on a farm. All the crops were dried along with the hay in the sun. We loaded the dry straw and hay on the trailer, where it was piled up high and smelled delicious.

To me, that looks like a use of solar energy that makes sense. And now we grow corn. Corn is not healthy for the soil. Then we spray chemistry over it and finally we dry it with oil. And all that just because business profits are (or may be) a few extra cent per square metre. In a way, that sounds like ecological nonsense to me. I believe saving energy should start on the field.

Now I hope that the corn will not end up at the petrol station as biological fuel. But no! After all, I learned that the “regenerative material” for biological fuel comes from Africa.

(translated by EG)

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