UTB #46 – A Day in Trondheim

trondheimWe spend Wednesday, July, 1st, in Trondheim.

Physically spoken, this is a leisurely day for me. In the morning, all I do is activities on the internet. I would not have believed all the things you can do from the balcony of a ship. It is the most beautiful workplace of the world. And all he time, magnificent ships pass below (see picture).

Trondheim is an interesting town. There is a communal bike-rent system, which means you can rent a bike for free, just leaving a deposit you collect again later.

In Trondheim, you find the first (it started in 1993) and probably so far only bike lift of the world. The Sykkelheisen Trampe is 130 metres long. You put the right foot on the plateau and the left foot onto the pedal, and on we go, up the mountain at walking speed.

Isn’t that a nice idea, a lift for cyclists!

bild0755My personal concept of heaven for bikers, however, is cyclist’s paths with roofs, in particular between Ottobrunn and Unterhaching.

Apart from this, there is a completely filled up harbour, many ships and beautiful old houses. And, of course, wheat containers integrated into the shopping malls.

We meet a German bike tourist. He looks more like the “adventurous type”. He has now spent five weeks riding along the fjords by bike, and is totally enthusiastic about it.

And tomorrow, we are going back south. Our next destination is the Geirangerfjord, where we are supposed to arrive at 6.00 a.m. It is a 15 kilometres long extension of the Sunnyfvsfjord. The plan is for us to drop anchor near Geiranger, which is a hundred kilometres from the coast. Allegedly, the Gerangerfjord is one of the most beautiful fjords. It has also been awarded the title of UNESCO cultural heritage.

Tomorrow morning at eight, we will meet the three bike scouts from Austria and Switzerland for the climb up the 1,500 metres of Dalsnibba mountain. On the top, the view is said to be spectacular, but I am a little apprehensive about all these height metres. After all, the days on board ship so far have not been too beneficial for my physical stamina or weight.

But what is it the “Kaiser” said: Let us wait and see. There is usually a way out.

Tonight, there will be no sunset, because at 9.30 p.m., we go directly from sunshine to dense fog. This is another one of those nights where the ship’s foghorn will be very active. But – as the captain said today – this is part of the deal if you are on board a ship. And I am so tired, I will sleep regardless. Barbara is already fast asleep. No more travel journal for today. Goodnight!

(translated by EG)

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