UTB #45 – How to Get to Your Sleep!?

Or: From Olden to Trondheim.
bild0739Yesterday, Tuesday, June, 30th, in Olden, it is wet, with cloudy skies. In time for sail out, however, it was back: the Nordic sun.
And again we had a spectacular sunset. This was the third of them in a row. However, it was already 11.23 p.m., and it was still light a while afterwards. How is anybody supposed to sleep with this kind of view?
Today, July, 1st, the sun rose at 3.11 a.m. – so you could say the days are long. That means there is plenty of time for enterprises, fun and eating out. The fact that I work around two hours a day is negligible (just like the time spent writing this travel journal). Only the time for sleep is extremely limited.bild0745
During the few remaining hours, I sleep like the dead, which is why I heard very little when the ship sounded its foghorn, which allegedly happened quite frequently when the ship passed all this fog in the archipelago during the small hours.      INCLUDEPICTURE “https://dev.if-blog.de/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/bild0745-300×225.jpg” * MERGEFORMATINET .
But so far, the adrenaline produced by the Norwegian midsummer night sun has worked well against recurring bouts of tiredness. If I were able to remain in Norway, I would compensate for all the lost sleep in winter. That is when you hardly see any daylight, which must be hell.
But there is no need to think about this now. Instead, I enjoy the Trondheim sun on the sundeck. Incidentally, Trondheim is the third biggest city of Norway with 170,000 inhabitants. It is situated on the country’s third biggest fjord, the Trondheimfjord, 70 kilometres from the coast. It was founded in 997 by a Viking king called Olav I. Tryggvason and at the time it was the Capitol of Norway.
On the picture, you already see busses ready to take passengers on day-trips, city tours and such. Barbara went on a climbing tour, so now I have five hours all for myself. And I will take in Trondheim this afternoon, when Barbara is back.

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