Utb #1 Prague – The City

Yesterday was the first time in my life I saw Prague. Getting was quite easy. You just board the “Albert Einstein” at Munich Central Station at 9:01 hours. Then you will arrive in Prague at 14:51 hours. The total cost for three adults (including three bikes!) is less than 75 Euros! Because the Bayern-Böhmen-Ticket is valid through Pilsen. From there, it is not far.

It has been a long time since I last had five hours in a row to myself like now in this beautiful slow train with its five ancient but nicely renovated carriages that formerly belonged to the Deutsche Bundesbahn.

Actually, the Alex is the only direct connection between the two enchanting cities Munich and Prague. As an alternative, you could take the ICE from Munich to Nurembourg and then a long-distance coach of the DB AG to Prague. Even though you have to change on the way, the entire travel time is a little less than by Alex, but somehow or other, this does not make sense.

I was in a position to really enjoy the time on board. First, I read the Saturday “Süddeutsche”, then I did some work and finally I continued reading my current novel on my Kindle. And in between, I enjoyed the view from the window.

And I must say, I was surprised and fascinated about the city on the river Vitava. Basically, I have hardly ever (maybe never) been at a place brimming with love of life as this city does.

Prague is a very international city.  It is a city with pedestrian’s zones that seem to stretch endlessly and with almost uncountable places of interest. It is a city where you can feel how powerful it used to be in the past and how much potential for the future it contains.

It is a city where you seem to hear music everywhere. A bigband here, gypsy music there. First the accordion-player, then the Country Sound, then Skiffle and Classic Music. And in the evening, it seems like the city belongs to Jazz.

🙂 Maybe along with the lovers.

In Prague, you will see a Trabi parked next to an X5 (a reader told me, that the car is an X6 – sorry about my missing knowhow of cars). But – note the difference in dimensions.

Here, the world of the high-society is directly next to the world of the tramps. In Prague, you might be asked out of the blue if, maybe, you need some hashish – and the girls selling themselves can be found directly among the “window-shoppers”.

Yet, compared with the rest of Czech, Prague is a really expensive city. And it is also a city where you seem to get WLAN in all the hotels as a matter of course.

Yes, this was certainly a nice afternoon/evening in Prague. I think I will come back again at some other time.

Starting today, we will ride (our bikes) home via Regensburg. Our final destination is Munich, or, more precisely, Riemerling. I want to arrive on Thursday, hopefully not too late, because I would like to do a little work at home.

Greetings from Prague!


(Translated by EG)

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