Tweets on Twittering and Blogging #175

Here are my tweets of last week on:
Blogging and Twittering, Wisdoms and Rules:

130718 If something is rubbish, even paying nothing for it is paying too much – a rule also for twittering and blogging! #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

130719 If something is good, everybody will like it – also when twittering and blogging? #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

130720 If a deed is evil, it is not nice to talk about it, either – also true for blogging and twittering! #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

130721 Something that comes in quickly will also leave quickly – also true for blogging and twittering? #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

130722 Lovers like to tease each other – it also happens among twitterers and bloggers. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

130723 If you want a solution without torment, first wait for things to ferment – also true for twittering and blogging! #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

130724 What good is a mirror for the blind? – not to forget, twitterers and bloggers! #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

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(Translated by EG)

I took the proverbs from Alle deutsche Sprichwörter.

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