Truth and Certitudes I

MiauMiau and WauWau (1)!

We all have our firm truths. We are proud of them and some of us are even prepared to die for them. Even if, in reality, they are just “certitudes”.

If our “certitudes” are in harmony with those of another person, we consider said person wise and nice. And we can have very interesting and extremely satisfying discussions with said person. And afterwards, we feel really well.

But woe if someone we are communicating with defines as “certitude” something that is alien to us. Then we will instantly feel negative towards him or her. Or else, we will try to convince them that our “certitude” is better.

In theory, this might open the way towards a discourse. Unfortunately, however, such discourses usually do not render “better” (more mature, more reasoned…) insight. Instead, we mostly end up having an argument and being annoyed with each other. We cannot understand how the other person can be so unreasonable, which generates unhealthy emotions. And sometimes both parties who had this kind of discussion feel really sh…y.

If those imagined truths, which I call “certitudes”, clash more than occasionally, the consequence is often dramatic. Not only in religion, fighting for (alleged) truths can cause hatred, subjugation, violence and even crimes against humanity and genocide.

So how to communicate a truth/certitude? And how to protect yourself against someone else pressing their truth/certitude on you? Read the second instalment tomorrow: MiauMiau und WauWau (2)!

(Translated by EG)

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