Travel Journal Stralsund #3 From Zingst to Stralsund and the Birthday Party

Saturday was a day of leisure – we only rode 58 kilometres. Our plans had been for this short distance in order to have enough time left for Stralsund and Gudrun’s birthday party…

At the very outset of today’s tour, we pass an ice-cream coffee-house. Here, one ball of ice-cream costs only 60 Cent, you get three for 1.50 €. If you are used to Munich prices, this looks rather attractive. But I manage (barely) to forego the sallow thorn ice-cream. Instead, I continue riding my bike.

The weather is fine, so far this has been my best bike tour. But all of a sudden, we get some north-easterly winds. Really gusty. It is now really hard work to cover any distance at all. What a good idea that we had not planned overmuch for the day.

Regardless, we managed to deviate from the bike trail for a visit to Groß Mohrsdorf. The remarkable thing about Groß Mohrdorf is the crane center – and, of course, the fact that Gudrun, whose birthday we have come here to celebrate, lives here.

Consequently, we visit Gudrun and do a little pre-birthday chatting. Then, after a short interim stop with coffee and home-made cheese cake, we continue towards Stralsund.

Shortly after 4 p.m., we check in at the Hotel Peiß near the New Market in the old city. That leaves us with a few nice hours to spend near the harbor and at the city center. And then we go to visit the big party.

At the “Golden Lyon” near the Old Market, a gigantic party took place. Nice presentations, belly-dancing, great music, excellent food and tasty dark beer from Störtebeker. And everybody was in a good mood – all over the place and no end to it. Of course, Gudrun was the centre of attention – it was really nice.

Shortly after midnight, I felt like I should go back to my hotel room – after all, we will continue to Berlin on Sunday.

(Translated by EG)

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