Travel Journal Stralsund #2 The Second Day From Rerik To Zingst

Welcome back to my travel journal Hamburg-Stralsund-Berlin.

On Friday, we started early. At 9:00, after a dream of a breakfast, we sat on our bikes and saw nothing but sunshine. Our destination was Fischland-Darss-Zingst.

Well, we all know you should not throw around superlatives, but this second day was simply the “most beautiful thing” you could experience. In the end, we had gone 109 kilometres by bike on soft dream ways. There was not a single street with too much traffic, many narrow paths through forests and on dams.  Frequently, we had a beautiful view of the Baltic Sea coast and out onto the ocean. It was a mixture of quiet, harmony, solitude and beauty for us travellers.

No end of colours, a very special light, nature as it wakes up and starts to green, the warm air on the uncovered legs. A dream weather! The inclines we had accepted but still found a little uncomfortable had suddenly also disappeared. Many bikers and few cars. Good sea air. A Baltic Sea dream.

Even the wind was always our friend. Some way or other, we intuitively chose Hamburg as our starting point and Berlin as our destination for our trip to Stralsund. It had happened without much thought. And now we got two days of friendly winds behind us! Many bikers passed us and they all had to use quite a few muscles in order to fight against the wind.

After all, the wind kept coming from westerly directions, which, basically, makes sense and was quite likely. And then I wonder what I would now do if I had chosen he route the other way around. Well, the answer is obvious: I would have been angry with myself. But now I can rejoice. So once again, I was (a little) lucky!

I also found the many wind mills we passed a delight. For the biker, they are like majestic messages from the future – no air pollution, no dirt, no noise. We also passed a “conventional” power station. Hideous dark clouds were emitted from high chimneys and sent into the air. It stood on a huge and fenced area. To me, it looked like a warning sign from the past.
Consequently, my only hope is that the change from nuclear and fossil energy production will come quickly. So that my children, too, can enjoy the beautiful world I was allowed to experience.

Many things remain in my memory: the ride to and through Warnemünde, the crossing there on the small ferry, the many small ships crossing our way, the long way through the land and then again along nicely maintained Baltic Sea dams. Many horses, cows, sheep – and eventually the long drive into Fischland-Darß-Zingst.

And, of course, the wonderful rests at Heiligendamm and the nice rests shortly after Müritz and at various other viewpoints and the tasty lunch.

All that remains for me is to recommend it to you and to invite you:

If you are wise and healthy and if you want to spend a few really beautiful days, you want to ride your bike along the Baltic-Sea-Bike-Trail. It is a dream and it is worth the effort!

And tomorrow, we will take our time rolling into Stralsund. Where we will celebrate Gudrun – our birthday child!


And the same as in my last article is still true for the pictures I took – they will come later! But on Google+, if you type rolandduerre (that is how I always call myself on the internet), there are a few nice pictures of Warnemünde and the steep coast.

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