Travel Journal #39 Monday, June, 8th – From Corabia to Giurgio

bild0411Phew! Today we went even more kilometres than yesterday. On our second day in Romania, we covered far more than 150 km. On the whole, we rode almost 1,200 kilometres on this trip so far.

What remains are four days in which to go 280 kilometres to Constanta. This looks a lot like there is going to be a day of leisure on Friday near the Black Sea. I wonder if it is already warm enough to take a swim in the ocean.

We leave the hotel before 8 o’clock, looking reverentially towards the river Danube. Due to the special circumstances (four totally unexpected guests) in the hotel, they serve breakfast up from nine o’clock. That is too late for us.

bild0413During the first few kilometres, we see pure country life. People take their cows and geese to the river Danube. Our breakfast consists of a few biscuits and coffee bought in a small shop. Just as we leave, the fresh loaves of bread arrive.

Then it gets really wet. Until 2 p.m., the sky is cloudy; there is hailstorm, rain, blizzards and thunder. There were times when Barbara feared for her life.

In the afternoon, we get exactly the right amount of sunshine. It is just right for getting dry and warm, yet not quite as hot as it was yesterday. Everything is just perfect.

bild0418We continue to see phantastical things. More and more horse-drawn carriages. Even an airplane. It seems to be there for agricultural purposes, maybe for crop spraying. Looking upon it as a beautiful old-timer alone makes it worth seeing.

We arrived in Giurgio shortly after 7 p.m. The way to the hotel SUD is endless. We have to follow the blue hotel-signs for another five kilometres.

However, this is another beautiful place to stay overnight. Only our bikes have to remain outside. At least, they are video supervised. I sincerely hope they will still be there tomorrow.

At the registration, we meet a Belgian. He has been living here for a little more than three years and is building up a textile business. Initially, he, too, lived in the hotel SUD, now he has his own apartment. But he still takes his meals in the SUD, assuring us that it is the “best in town”.

We gladly follow his recommendation. And it is just like he said: we are served a dream of a dinner on excellent Romanian wine.

These last 150 kilometres made me tired, which is why I will now call it a day. Since the hotel SUD has a wonderfully fast WAN connection, I can load this article into the net immediately. In between, I find time to read the latest news of the world: the catastrophe in Rio de Janeiro (I remember taking this flight into Rio some time ago) and the first results of the European elections. In Sweden, the pirates celebrate, in Bukarest the Romanian-born Paris Hilton and in Italy, Berlusconi! And in Bavaria the CSU. The SPD seem to be the only ones who have a problem.

Isn’t that something.

Good night!

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