Travel Journal #30 Start – from Budapest to the Hotel Kalocsa

bild0286This morning, we woke up well in the Hotel Barros in Budapest. It was a good place to stay overnight in Budapest. It is just opposite the railway station. Breakfast was a little “convenient”, but presented with much love.

Otherwise, the hotel is big with a beautiful fountain in the back yard (see pictures). The room was quiet, we slept well and everything was friendly and stylish.

barossThen we had the first catastrophe (not for us, though). The credit cards of our biker friends from Switzerland did not work. Apparently, they were made especially for paying overseas and equipped with a special PIN. They had forgotten the code.

This reminds me of IT. I wonder how our Swiss friends will solve this problem. They will probably have to spend some time on the telephone.

Then I paid for them. They want to remit the money to me after their return home.

The two of us (Barbara and yours truly) then went on our way. Leaving Budapest behind was easy and astonishingly fast. There is plenty of traffic, but compared with, for instance Naples, it is harmless.

We ride through a wonderful morning, all sunshine and clouds, but no rain. Around noon, it started to drizzle. Deep, black clouds both before and behind us. We ride over dams a lot, which makes for difficult riding. It is strenuous and costs a lot of time. Then we see the landscape white from hail. Centimetres of hail drops cover the ground. We are glad that we were not there when they fell down. After 4 p.m., we again have pure sunshine!

In the end, we covered 129 kilometres today. That is quite a good start.

Shortly before 7 p.m., we arrive at the Hotel Kalocsa (in the ancient Hungarian Episcopal city bearing the same name). The timing could not have been better, since the dinner buffet is open from 7 to 9 p.m. – the food is a dream. Starting with the soup – why do I never get this kind of beefy soup at home? – through the main menu and, especially, the dessert (“Rohrnudeln” – baked donuts – with excellent vanilla sauce)!

This was the first step towards the Black Sea. Tomorrow, we will continue towards Croatia and Serbia. And then on to Romania. It will get less and less luxurious, while the scenery around us will get less and less polluted. The first two days, at least, were beautiful. My advice is: Do as we did!

(translated by EG)

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