The Danger Has Never Been This Acute …

Terrorist Warning!

On Thursday night, as I arrived at Munich Central Station coming from Nuremberg, I was surprised to see a nice-looking but heavily armed (with machine pistol) police lady near the entrance to the subway. It did not precisely make me feel more comfortable.

Yesterday night, as I was riding home on my bike, I saw a few policemen controlling a young, not at all suspicious-looking man who carried a suitcase. Dummies terrify us. Yes, it is terrorism time.

Rumour spreads (and is further enhanced by the “Spiegel” magazine) that a ‘Mumbai-style plot has been planned by Islamists. And I also already heard the yearly recurring story of the nice Arabian who thanks a nice German lady in the city for having been helpful in a sensitive situation by telling her not to go to the “Christmas Fair” under any circumstances. Long live the conspiracy theory.

According to our Ministry of the Interior, the risk of an “Islamic Terror Attack” has never been as high as now in Germany.

Well, I can do what they can do: so now I am warning against the atomic hazard!

Never in the history of the German Republic of Germany was the risk of a nuclear accident as acute as now! The reasoning is quite simple:

The nuclear plants get older and older – and with every accident-free day, the risk of an accident increases.

Consequently, I do the same as our Government: I ask the citizens to handle nuclear energy with care and observe it diligently, but I also warn against getting hysterical or panicky!

(Translated by EG)

Incidentally, we should not just extend the running times of nuclear plants (or else, after the next election we should reverse the extension – as we have seen, it can be done without consulting the senate). One of the reasons is that there will not be enough interim storage facilities, anyway. And besides, I cannot imagine how we are to find a final storage facility in Germany that will not, for example, be a latent danger for our drinking water supplies. And we will just have to live with the fact that part of the subsidies we invested in nuclear energy to the tune of 80 billion Euros in the history of Germany will be lost.

I took the picture from Wikipedia. The author is Denis Apel. Strangely enough, it is a poster of the (former) German Ministry of Environmental Issues advertising the nuclear phase-out.

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