The Ascent and Downfall of Mahagonny City

Yesterday, we enjoyed a beautiful night in the theatre. We watched “Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny” (Ascent and Downfall of Mahagonny City) by Weill/Brecht in the “Gärtnerplatztheater“.

It was a marvellous performance. I would go and see it again at any time. I strongly recommend it. This is a truly magnificent production by the entire team at the Gärtnerplatz theatre.

The play is also remarkable because it caused one of the greatest scandals in German theatre history when played in Leipzig in 1930. Tumultuous scenes, probably provoked by political enemies among the audience, took place at the time.

Here is the only downer about the entire affair:

I was going to write a nice report on the play in the IF blog and add a few nice pictures taken during the performance. But this is nowhere near as easy as it looks: to be sure, you will find a download area on the “Gärtnerplatztheater” website, but here is what happens if you want to use it.

First, you have to do a complicated registration process, where you must give the exact name of your newspaper/magazine or your radio station. And then you receive the following reply:

If you want access to our download area, please enter user name and password. Your access will be activated as soon as our press department did all the necessary checks. You will be notified electronically.

Of course, this procedure is too bothersome for a blogger. It seems that some people have not yet understood about the world. Wouldn’t it be nice of a modern theatre to, for instance, permit publication of some pictures of the plays under the Creative Commons licence?

But without pictures, there will not be any overwhelming praise, either. Sorry!

(Translated by EG)

I took the picture from wikipedia. It was taken by Andreas Praefcke of Hoheit on June, 10th,  2005.

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