Rupert Lay

By now, this picture of Rupert Lay is already more than one year old.  At the time,  he stayed with us. Frau Dr. Eilika Emmerlich (who occasionally also writes for our IF blog), took advantage of the opportunity and presented her dissertational thesis titled „Eine kritische Theorie und ihre Praxis – untersucht an Werk und Wirken von Rupert Lay (A critical theory and its realization – a survey of the works and life of Rupert Lay)“.

Rupert Lay was always concerned with promoting life in all its dimensions among his friends and students. He adopted and emphasized the term “biophilie”. And thus, he taught many people in different stations of responsibility the important role of ethics when leading both in politics and business.

In 1995, we founded the Ronneburger Kreis in order to support the work of Rupert Lay and to transfer his works into the future.

On behalf of the Ronneburger Kreis, Bernd Sielaff ( accompanied Rupert Lay during more than one decade and recorded his presentations for the Ronneburger Kreis on video tapes. Thus, many hours of high-quality material with and about Rupert were produced.

In order to present the works of Rupert Lay to as many people as possible, we now published a presentation in five installments titled “How the Management Contributes to the Creation of Value in an Enterprise” on youtube for the Ronneburger Kreis. Rupert Lay himself gave this presentation on September, 23rd, 2001 in Büdingen.

The presentation was edited by Friedrich Lehn ( and supported by us (IF-AGORA – the knowledge market place).

Here the second part of the speech:

and all the links to all the five chapter:

Gedanken zu 9-11
Gerechtigkeit und Toleranz

Werteinstellungen, Erwartungen, Interessen & Bedürfnisse

All rights of the video are owned by the Ronneburger Kreis.

(Translated by Evelyn Gemkow)

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