Rotten Rolls

In Bavaria, Müller-Brot is now discussed all over the place. And the SZ came up with a beautiful headline: “Dreck am Wecken”. It rhymes with the famous  “Dreck am Stecken”., which means that something is smelly and therefore you need to hide it.

Well, I already heard or read quite a few comments on it. The general opinion was that either the entrepreneur or the authorities have failed. Or else that the consumer protection structures have deficits, because the rural districts control their enterprises and they, naturally, do not want to jeopardize the job situation in their own district.

I am worried on two accounts.

  1. Was it really that bad? Or do we, perhaps, have totally inflated expectations? I know from experience how hard it is to keep the small beatles out of the organic muesli grain.
    And once in a while, flour and flour worms belong together, don’t they? So what you have to do is keep their numbers low and fight them.    
I also know that vegans in Europe almost cannot avoid getting sick,whereas those in Asia have always been the most healthy group among the entire population. Perhaps that is because the few beatles in the bread were the ideal complement to the diet.
  2. If, however, conditions are really as atrocious as both the rainbow and respectable press makes us believe, then I ask myself why nobody ever mentions the people working there. Shouldn’t they have been the first to notice the “scandalous state of affairs“? And then they should show both consructive disobedience and civil courage by resisting.    
If employees of such an enterprise show neither inclination nor responsibility to play an active role when it comes to the quality of the products and the conditions under which they are produced, or if the enterprise has created an atmosphere of fear where nobody will dare speak up, then,to me, that would be a far greater scandal than a few beatles or worms.

In my personal opinion, those who should take responsibility are not only the legislative and the management, but also every employee.

(Translated by EG)

Of course, you could also come up with the devious idea that Müller-Brot might have been better advised if they had shifted their production process to a neighbouring country in the east. That would have given them less production costs and the current problem would never have arisen.

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