Rich Afghanistan

Honi soit qui mal y pense

A group of US researchers recently published a survey that shows Afghanistan to be a country rich in natural resources, maybe even the richest of all countries.

Now if I were blunt, I would say:

I smell a rat!

Basically, many people knew about the riches of Afghanistan. I must admit that it was not at the forefront of my mind, but now, coming to think of it, I seem to remember that people used to wonder if the Russians, maybe, were there because of the natural resources.

Now, however, I feel a little light has been shed on the somehow mazy interview our then Federal President Horst Köhler gave in the “Bayerischer Rundfunk” which seems to have been the reason why he resigned.

Here is what I think:

Being a world banker, Horst Köhler, naturally, has an excellent network in the financial and industrial world. He is pretty familiar with the situation. And then, when visiting Afghanistan, he is informed that now the riches of the country have been definitely processed and catalogued and that the survey is to be published in order to strengthen the morale of the soldiers. After all, the public must be shown how strategically interesting the country is for concerns and “The West”.

So, on being asked about new insights on departure, what else can he say than give a somewhat unsubstantial comment about the economical interests also being a factor in these kinds of war? At least that is the only thing he could have said if he wanted to be at least reasonably honest.

Now the resignation looks only a logical consequence, even though giving “lack of respect for the highest state office” is slightly less than honest.


(Translated by EG)


This morning, I heard in the news that the time for publishing the survey was chosen very deliberately in order to re-unite the somewhat shaky Afghanistan alliance and motivate all parties concerned to continue their struggle.


I am sure the candidate now recommended for Federal President by our government – due to political routine (lying) and schooling – would have offered just a few universal phrases such as: We believe we can safely assume that the Federal Government and the women in Afghanistan, as well as many people in the country, not only very much… my visit … but also…improved… and strengthened … and we … together… bla bla bla …


And I am even more convinced that Horst Köhler, on witnessing the current political developments, will be more than glad to have resigned. At least, now he no longer has to feel he is holding the highest office of the state while seeing what is going on around him.

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