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In former times, we mostly dealt with programs. They were, for instance, written in “c”. They were part of a Source Control System. Initially, this was the “sccs”, then progress came along and “sccs” became “rcs” and later “ClearCase” and such.

Everyone on the team had access to all modules. Because it happened quite frequently that you had to modify something your colleague had written. Otherwise your own module could not work properly. Every modification had to be documented. Not too long and not too short.    
And it made me even a little proud that I had to modify other peoples’ programs more often than they had to modify mine.

Today, I work with documents. Quite a few of them are shared with or/and worked on by other persons, as well. Usually, my documents are filed on Google Drive. It is beautifully “object-oriented” (another term from former times). The tools are simple and logical. And I can work on my own and my friends’ documents from any device and place.

And I enjoy seeing all the different cursor colours of my “collaborators”. If necessary, I can “chat” with them or confer with them via “hang out”. And, of course, I also can leave comments in a document.

Which brings us back again into the middle of culture: how many comments and notes are a good idea and will make sense? But honestly, these new forms of collaboration are absolutely magnificent (in a very positive sense)!

🙂 As I see it, this is another instance where less is more.

🙁 But then, I still live in old worlds. Actually, I copy the content of my comments and send them via email!

(Translated by EG)

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