PM Camp – Yesterday: Zürich – Tomorrow: Bad Homburg.

CGu_W8WUgAI8wlMYesterday evening, I arrived back home from the PM Camp in Zürich #pmcampzue. It was a small but very exquisite PM Camp and gave me two great days.

The first day was opened by Nadja Schnetzler who is also co-chair at word and deed. She bewitched the Camp participants with her wonderful postcards: and she showed us how you can “Embrace Chaos” in a very unobtrusive and serene way.

To me, it seemed that this nice impulse presentation went a long way towards many other sessions considering it important to talk about the situation of humans in their various roles whenever project-typical tasks are concerned.

Consequently, much was about the change in our society and consequently also the change in our projects that progress brings in its wake. It was all about intended and unintended change – and about “Innovation as creative destruction”.

CGzS2XBVIAApMhUOn Saturday, which was the second day, we all started the day with a drumbeat. Bruno Gantenbein, owner of, who has been a successful business counsellor for many years, started the day early in the morning with a strong impulse on “learning, too, is part of evolution”.

And his way of doing so was so emotional that some of the audience were moved to tears of emotion and joy.

And then he, too, spanned the bridge between what he had said and project management – asking the for me absolutely central question: “How, where and what do projects managers actually learn?”

Toni (Anton Maric) in Aktion.
Toni (Anton Maric) in action.

It was no surprise that the second day eventually led to a broad exchange of knowledge about the question how meaningful, efficient and humane learning might, should or must be.

As you can see on the pictures taken at the PM-Camp Zuerich, it was a great event. You can also see the pictures on the Flickr Account of the Zurich PM Camp!

Consequently, I would like to say many thanks to the PM Camp Zürich Orga-Team, namely Dagmar, Bruno, Christian, Matthias, Silvio and Toni, who initiated the Zurich event.

And in less than one month, from July, 2nd to July, 4th, the next PM Camps are waiting. They will be held in Bad Homburg! Then the day will be called #pmcamprm!
I definitely also want to be there and, of course, you will also read my report on it in the IF Blog!

(Translated by EG)

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