“PM Camp” or “Humans are not Resources!”

Projects are made by people!

That is why a spontaneously gathered team of project managers and entrepreneurs organized the first PM Camp (#pmcamp11) in November 2011 at Dornbirn. The organizers were people who often work with projects. They wish to establish a PM Camp for project management.

The invitations were sent out through the internet (blogs of the participants, twitter, FB and google+, etc.) and sponsors were sought. It all worked quite well. Soon, we had found enough people who provided the necessary money and after just a few days, 70 project managers had registered.

From the outset, the mood at the PM Camp was great. The discussions were intense, sometimes quite heated. I presume that all participants went home with a sense of content. Not just because they had gained some considerable additional insight, but also because the PM Camp became a special personal experience for each of them.

The Dornbirn PM Camp helped project managers, leaders and entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and experience while at the same time improving their own competence through the knowledge and experience of others.

🙂 Because:”Knowledge and experience are the only raw materials that get more as you share them”.

Thus, an intense dialogue was initiated at Dornbirn. It brought many people together and promoted the building of bridges between institutions and social systems. Some of the participants were so impressed by the PM Camp 11 at Dornbirn that they wanted to initiate more PM Camps of their own.

Consequently, we now have the PM Camp 12 Vie (#pmcamp12vie) in Vienna this week on Friday, June, 15th and Saturday, June, 16th. Of course, the spirit of the Dornbirn PM Camp is prevalent. I will also be in Vienna and look forward to again meeting some friends.

And between November, 8th and November, 10th, the time will again have come for the second PM Camp 12 (#pmcamp12) at Dornbirn! This PM Camp is also something I already very much look forward to. And I know quite a few people who feel the same about it.

Incidentally, the chore team of PM Camp founders met on Saturday, March, 19th in order to discuss the PM Camp future at Dornbirn. Dr. Stefan Hagen had sent the invitations. I was permitted to attend, along with Eileen Hörtreiter, Eberhard Huber, Jens Hoffmann and Dr. Marcus Raitner. We had a wonderful meeting with strong results. We will try to further develop the PM Camp idea.

One of the topics of our brainstorming was about the values we would wish to establish for PM Camps. We soon agreed on a central motive:

“Humans are not Resources!”
(This is about humans, not resources)

For me, this motto is particularly important. Humans should not be considered resources. This is true both for the management of an enterprise and a general at war.

If you consider humans just as resource when making decisions and acting, it can easily happen that they will end up as nothing more than “a means towards an end”. But this is a violation of human rights. If you give up human rights, what you get will be fascism and slavery. You will get barbarity and torture.

But this is not just about humans. In the ”special vocabulary of managers“, you should also be a little more considerate about animals, nature and basically the entire planet (creation?). These properties are not just resources, either. You cannot thoughlessly use them to your heart’s content, or even destroy them.

Not even to create jobs or profit.

During the next few weeks, I will gladly write about the PM Camp (#pmcamp) and its development at regular intervals.

(Translated by EG)

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