Passing Through Life

In Geometry, your simple elements are the straight line, the axis, the straight-line segment and the point. For me, the straight line has always had a special fascination. It is infinite at both ends. Wow!

Life can best be compared with a straight-line segment. It is the shortest connection between two points. The first point is your birth.

At the moment of your birth, you are mostly lucky enough to have a mother. Perhaps also a father. If you are even luckier than that, you probably also have siblings and/or grandparents.  And if you are truly privileged, you might even have a dog or a cat. All of them accompany you during the first part of your way through life.

The segment of life is limited by the second point – the end of your life. There, death awaits you. So if you have reached the goal, you will be dead. How cynical.

On my way through life, many people accompanied me. Without them, I would have felt rather lonely. Especially of late, I again met quite a few people who immensely enrich my life. Some of them are prepared to accompany me on some of my way through life. That makes me quite happy.

When you are young, you find it hard to come to terms with death. Especially during your personal “storm and stress” time, the idea of death often lets you despair and doubt the meaning of life. You find the idea of revolting against death attractive, no matter how useless it is. As time goes by, it gets a little easier. Step by step, you find it slightly more acceptable to come to terms with what cannot be changed.

The question “what will come after death” is a great riddle. I personally assume that the state after your death is the same as the one before your birth.

What a nice idea, because it would mean I reduced two problems to one.

🙂  Now that is definitely an achievement, isn’t it?

(Translated by EG)

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