No Advent Calendar

In recent years, I always wrote a daily advent calendar article in the IF blog. It was a separate category.

This year, I will not write one. Some way or other, I simply no longer feel like it. Mind you, this feeling is partly because over the last few days, including today, I have been packed with advents calendars and special bargains for the first of advent like crazy.

No airline, no merchant, no provider of comical services or any other things was above sending me “great” bargains wrapped into an advent calendar or something similar.

I am fed up with advent nonsense. For me, there will not be an advent and neither will I make an advent calendar of my own.
Regardless, I wish you a nice advent!

(Translated by EG)

If you still feel you wish to have an advent calendar, all you have to do is open the IF blog category “advent calendar“. There are any number of articles from the last few years.

Since I do not have an advent wreath, either, I took the  picture from the central media archive Wikimedia Commons. The copyright is with THWler 33142 at de.wikipedia.

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