Kikus and ZKM

I keep discovering new things all the time. A short time ago, it was Kikus and the ZKM.

ZKM is a non-profit organisation and short for “Zentrum für kindliche Mehrsprachigkeit e.V.” (Center for multi-lingual children).

It is the main purpose of the many honorary helpers at ZKM and Kikus to make language and education available to all children, thus providing an important factor towards equal chances.  It is an important theme of Kikus/ZKM to “train the trainer”. It is the only way to effectively reach the intended goal.

As always, I ended up there by a chain of circumstances. Luka – founder and managing director of IF-Localization – introduced me to Frau Daniela Krause-Dettmann. Daniela counsels Kikus in strategic questions and arranged for me to meet Dr. Edgardis Garlin.
Edgardis is “mother of the idea”, inventor of educational games and has been heating up Kikus for two decades with an enormous amount of energy. And so she also spontaneously invited me to attend the calendar festival last Thursday (November, 18th, 2010). And I won against my laggardness (it is quite a long way by bike from Riemerling to the Bergmannstraasse at Westend) and actually went there.
The festival was at the Café Philoxenos (nomen est omen). And it was a great festival. Augusto Aguilar and friends did the musical accompaniment, showing many nice stunts and well-prepared speeches. Everybody really took pains for the Good Cause.

I particularly enjoyed meeting such a large number of people who all more or less intensely and on an honorary basis work for our children.

Incidentally, the festival is called calendar festival because it was held to celebrate the publication of the new, beautiful calendar of Kikus MENSCHEN KINDER 2011. The entire profit from the sale of the calendar goes into the Kikus program for courses in German. There is a ten year old calendar tradition of the calendar.

The calendar idea was initially introduced by Oliver Blume. Here is how it gives a short description of the Kikus concept:

KIKUS is the best concept when it comes to integration and equal opportunities in all Munich. It is where I will help and liberate children from their speechlessness!

I find this a terrific idea. I am absolutely convinced that this enthusiasm shown by so many people will have a greater effect than all those strange immigration laws introduced by our Federal Government stating that you “have to learn German” and pass a dubious language test as a requirement for being permitted to stay.

At the end, there is the highlight of the night: the Chicas Kikas! Six elegant ladies enchanting us with their songs.

And then it was time for everybody to go home. For me, the reward of the evening was a beautiful ride by bike through the night from Westend to Riemerling, surrounded by nice fresh air and without rain!

And many thanks to Edgardis for the invitation!

(Translated by EG)

🙂 Maybe I can invite the Chicas Kikas to do a short show on this year’s IF Christmas Party? Negotiations are under way …

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