Karl-Theodor Wulff

Two handsome men. With a reasonable public appearance. Actually, their looks are exactly what you would wish to see in representatives and leaders.

The one is a (former) Federal Minister, the other the (perhaps soon former) Federal President of Germany. Their very looks (and reputation?) make them a better choice for central positions in the “Corportion Germany” than we currently have.
Unfortunately, they both have a few blemishes.


The first wanted a doctorial title in front of his well-sounding name. There might have been a little vanity or narcissism. But perhaps a doctorial title is simply a “must” in certain circles.
And because he was rather busy and did not have too much time to spare, besides perhaps also not finding such institutions as universities particularly attractive, he did not take it very seriously. So he copied a lot (or let someone copy a lot for him).

He is probably right. After all, it is not easy to approach the universities with the respect they deserve. These institutions, too, have become rather bribable.

As I see it, he was not treated fairly as Federal Minister. Long-due decisions, such as the end of compulsory army service, cannot be made without thinking of all the consequences in advance.

Sometimes you even stand against a phalanx of lobbyists. That means that, once in a while, you simply have to make a momentous decision regardless of the fact that there are still some uncertainties. Afterwards, you have to try and live with or soften the consequences as best you can. If someone had to leave shortly after such a decision, it is easy to make him the scapegoat for everything.

Still, they started a witch-hunt against him. The only persons whose annoyance I can understand are those who actually have written a doctorial thesis themselves, who took it really seriously and worked many hard years for it.

The other one probably did not do such a bad job as Prime Minister. Except that he was surrounded by rich friends. If what the newspapers write is correct, then these friends were “entrepreneurs” in strange fields. They seem to have become really rich by door to door soliciting, selling obscure financial packages – or else amassed riches by trading in junk or diamonds.

It seems like they want to support him. To be sure, it is quite possible that they also wanted to benefit a little themselves. Now the entrepreneur with the financial transactions even financed adverts for his book. Without any thought of re-imbursement and without the recipient being aware of it?

Traditional friendship or friendship as something you trade? What a pity that Christian Wulff could not have foreseen that he will one day be Federal President of Germany. It makes the “helping” and “reciprocating” a delicate affair. Since the post of Federal President is one that calls for a special reputation, even representing a moral value authority, it requires careful treatment.

The one had to hand in his resignation after a “university witch hunt”. The other formally defends himself and gets a vote of confidence from many.

To me, it seems that, even on this level, life is not really fair. On the other hand, I always knew that there is no such thing as “justice”.

(Translated by EG)

I took the pictures from the central media archive Wikimedia Commons

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