IF Forum 2014 – Starting With Jörg Schindler – TURN OF AN ERA

Schindler-IF-ForumThe start-up of the 2014 IF Forum “Galileo Galilei” at InterFace AG was a huge success. Under the heading TURN OF AN ERA, Jörg Schindler delivered a strong appeal in favour of “the future” on February, 27th, at Unterhaching.

With his facts about “The Beginning of the End of the Fossil Era” and the subsequent “Great Transformation of Our World”, he made is pretty clear that, even though we can perceive how the world changes, we actually cannot predict the exact consequences.

Because we are already in the middle of an absolute transformation. It will continue to take place, no matter if this is what we desire or not. Besides, we cannot come up with a master plan, because the transformation cannot be planned. All we can do is refrain from acting in ways that we perceive as non-sustainable.

As often before with other presentations, Friedrich Lehn recorded the presentation held by Jörg Schindler. I will publish the film soon on our YouTube Channel “RolandDuerre”.

There will be two more IF Forum presentations on Galilei Galileo in the 2014 IF Forum:


On Thursday, July, 17th, we will welcome Dr. Stefan Gillessen as our guest speaker. He will talk about:

Big, Bigger, Sharpest
Where is the development of telescopes headed? From Galilei (37 mm lens) to the European Extremely Large Telescope (39 m mirror). What could be more exciting than witnessing how material falls into a Black Hole? Insights into current research.

Stefan is one of the leading scientists at the Max-Planck-Institute for Extra-Terrestrial Physics (MPE)


On Thursday, October, 23rd, 2014, Thomas de Padova will give a presentation. He will talk about the

Secret of the World
400 years ago, two totally different scientists went beyond the limits of the known world. In Venice, Galileo Galilei looked through his telescope and discovered the Jupiter moons. An exciting expedition of human thinking begins – and along with it the turn of the era towards modernity.

Thomas de Padova is a physicist, journalist and historian of science.

(Translated by EG)

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