By now, the planning stage for our traditional series of presentations “IF Forum” is more or less finished. As every year, we will again offer three presentations at our IF Forum in 2011. Again, we chose a special motto:

Humans & Science

The presentations in 2011 will be about the universe and the evolution. They will inform you what basic research today actually means.

Dr. Stefan Gillessen of the Max-Planck-Institute for extra-terrestrial physics (MPE) at Garching near Munich will be our first speaker on Tuesday, March, 1st, 2011:

“How the Big Bang Sounded”

For a long time, cosmology was held to be a little on the shady side among the sciences. There were too few cosmological parameters that could actually be measured, too much speculation was possible. This changed drastically during the last few years: satellites are investigating the light echo of the big bang, thus giving the scientists very precise insights about what happens in the young cosmos.

For instance, the mixture of ingredients for the universe contains only little normal material. To make up for it, however, there is plenty of dark material, and a dark form of energy penetrates the cosmos. As opposed to this, the geometry of the universe seems to be rather simple, namely flat. These results fit rather neatly into the concepts cosmologists have been working out for many decades.

The presentation will introduce the modern big bang theory and will explain in detail what the Nobel-prize winning measuring results of the satellites COBE and WMAP mean for the universe: by now, the big bang is an empirically recognizable concept which has been well tested.

I know Dr. Stefan Gillessen quite well personally. Nobody else among my friends can talk as comprehensively and excitingly about astrophysics as he. It is a true delight listening to him. In his extremely competent presentations, however, the social responsibility both of science and the scientists is never neglected.

I already very much look forward to his presentation. As always, personal invitations will be issued. Please contact Claudia Toth.

On the whole, we plan three presentations and one workshop in the IF Forum of 2011. Besides March, 1st, the presentations will be in Mid-July and early November. As always, they will be in the evening, on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Since our famous speakers are always on a tight schedule, we cannot fix the itineraries too long in advance. We will, however, inform you about the next events in time.


The workshop Humans&Management (Mensch&Managemen) as part of the IF Forum will take place on March, 21st, starting 2 p.m. in our office building at Unterhaching. This event has been organized in a combined effort by InterFace and esc Solutions for our friends, customers and partners.

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