I Love Clowns ♡

Yesterday, Ottobrunn had a real election campaign. Because today they elect the mayor (Wahl des Bürgermeisters). Consequently, all central locations of the anti-village were filled with campaign stands for the four parties with their candidates and protagonists. Useless presents were distributed, a brass band was playing and the CSU candidate was chauffeured to the place in an electro-mobile. Stupid slogans, such as “he is one of us“ on posters dominated the scene. Again, true arguments and declarations in favor of values were few and far between.

It was not relevant for me, because, after all, I am still a citizen of Riemerling/Hohenbrunn and will soon live in Neubiberg. But, again, I found the stupid “marketing show” revolting. But then, it also awakened me, because, after all, I, too, am allowed/called upon/obliged to vote in the near future. This year, we will have both federal and state elections.

At the SPD stand, I also saw a picture with their top candidate. In fact, this is the gentleman who, for me, makes it impossible to give my vote to the SPD in the federal elections. A slightly choleric “soci” (?) who likes taking money from the communities governed by the SPD, who considers violating the law a legitimate thing to do, who wants to send soldiers into neutral countries and more of the same sort of things.

And he also seems to have little knowledge, because he seems to forget that the salary a Federal Chancellor earns comes with quite a nice pension. A pension beyond anything a normal citizen can dream of. It also comes with a guarantee of employment as lobbyist after he quits the office. It is some kind of high-quality dismissal protection, not just for former Federal Chancellors and ministers.

But then, how is a politician with a healthy self-service mentality supposed to think of such a profane thing as old-age pension? For the normal politician, it is a matter of course. The same is true for the state limousine – which is something I would be ashamed of. Especially if I were to drive it at the cost of the citizens.

But there is something you have to give our Mister S.: he is a master of speech. Above all, he finds the right terms for what he wants to say. For instance, a short time ago, he called politicians clowns. To be sure, he was talking about foreigners. But still it was full on the mark. Absolutely great!
Looking at politics today, both in Bavaria and Germany, the EU and the USA, the only term that really fits is: most of them are clowns. Thanks, Peer. You really said it in a nutshell – and that makes it all a little more human and tolerable.
We are governed by hungry busybodies behaving like clowns. And these clowns even manage to make me laugh again and again. Even if there is nothing really to laugh about.
Incidentally, I rather like one of the Italian clowns. Because he is opposed to everything. And that is exactly how I, too, feel. The political helplessness is more and more a threat to the future of my children and to this entire world. And there is nothing I can do about it.

Consequently, the urge to “oppose everything as a matter of principle once in a while“ gets more and more frequent. Especially since now the pirate party, too, is no longer an option for me. Basically, they forgot that they originally wanted change. So they wrote another stupid party program. Change hurts. It must not be controlled by interest groups. It must not be based on preserving one’s riches and governed by an accountant mentality. Instead, it should follow a social consensus that unites the people, instead of ripping them apart.

Now my Super Ego admonishes me to go to the elections. Because, after all, I find democracy a good idea and am very grateful to live under a rule of law. And as a citizen, I have a great responsibility.

But then, whom to give your vote to? The alternatives are so lacking in alternativeness that I am totally at a loss.

(Translated by EG)

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