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Abendessen in GythioAfter three days in Porto Ageranos south of Gythio, I am now really in the middle of my vacation.

This is a part of our world that really looks like paradise. There is a nice extensive beach with warm water, you always have sun and wind, cold water and the best food.

We are in a region where tomatoes still taste like tomatoes and the meat tastes like it did when I was a child.
During the warm nights, I hear the natural rushing of the ocean and the rustle of the wind through the leaves in the trees. The stars in the sky shine down on us with great intensity. The moon is waxing and telling us that it will soon be master of the mild nights.

Some of our children with their partners and our first grandchild are with us. Our second grandchild is in Peking – which is a pity. It is nice to see how the – from my perspective – third generation grows up. It reminds me of the time when my own children were small. There were really many nice and beautiful things I experienced in my life.

ZeltplatzBlickMeerAfter a few initial problems during the first days, our “active mobility”, too, is now perfect. Early in the morning, I swim through the beach, it happens almost automatically. The bike tours into the mountains of the Peloponnesus are just as much an integral part of our days as the boat trips to the neighbouring beaches. Activity and being on the move is again a normal part of our daily rhythm, just like the daily stroll along the beach after my swim.

I think of home, my start-ups and mentees and the colleagues at InterFace. Of the PM-Camps and AktMobCmp. Of IF Blog. After all, it was exactly on this camp ground where I started my entrepreneur’s diary many years ago. In fact, I am a little proud of it. So far, there are more than a hundred entries – and I still keep writing more.

I would really like to write more IF Blog articles. But time is scarce. In the past, in preparation for an article, I often wrote down a few notes as ideas came, and then – as soon as there was a good time to write them down, for instance when sitting in a train – I completed and published them.

I still have a few articles in reserve and I will finish and publish them soon. But there are other topics I also would wish to write about. Because, over the last few years, I learned so much – both along with friends and in the “philosophical college” with Klaus-Jürgen Grün.

For instance, now I feel I slowly come to understand what role money could have. Or – and this there is certainly a connection between this and money – what meaning personal property has. Or how to live a “good” life. Meaning multi-dimensionally. That, too, has something to do with property and money. Perhaps? Perhaps not?

The problem is that writing these kinds of articles is rather time-consuming for me. There are just too many ideas and concepts in my head. I would need to reconcile too much information and knowledge. It is hard to find the fitting phrases and I also have to do some research. As I estimate it, writing an article like “What Is Personal Property” easily equals about one week of work. If not more. And time is my most precious commodity.
And it looks like, even here on vacation, I will not have time. But still, I will try.

(Translated by EG)

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