Entrepreneur’s Diary #60 – What is Frustrating for the Manager

In the managerial world, stress can come from two directions.

On the one hand, you have your enterprise, where you are supposed to “control“, “lead“, “manage“ things. You are responsible. You have to tell the people who work in the company stories you should actually yourself believe in. Otherwise they are not good stories.

It is your own organization. It is highly complicated. Many intelligent people move it in all sorts of directions from within. In the end, however, the organization does what it likes. And there are times when this is the opposite of what the management would have intended. Sometimes it is for the best, sometimes not.

If change is on the agenda, the organization remains static. Whenever it is supposed to stabilize, it starts developing dynamically in the most unlikely direction. It really is grotesque.

This process is something we entrepreneurs and managers have to handle prudently. It is not always easy. Especially not if there is pressure applied from other quarters, like your environment!

All the time, the environment comes up with impossible and new demands for the enterprise. Unreasonable things are expected of the people working at the enterprise. Pressure is put on the enterprise through regulations, laws and taxes. Lower prices and more achievement is demanded. Others want to put the burden of all the risk on your shoulders, propose impossible contracts or postpone payment indefinitely.

Both – the organization and the environment make life hard for the entrepreneur and manager. He has to put up with it. He has to mediate, balance and motivate. He has to remain on course and try to steer true. It is a sh..y job. The manager is someone who truly deserves your pity.

Fortunately, there are times when it a true joy to deserve other people’s pity.

(Translated by EG)

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