Entrepreneur’s Diary – #48 “Passion&Meaning”

Last Monday, I watched “Marnie” on ARTE. It is a great film, an absolutely classical piece. I am sure you remember the story:

The editor Mark falls in love with the kleptomaniac Marnie. She is a fascinating lady and he tries to discover the reason for her affliction. He senses that both her shameless thefts and her panicky fear of touching have their roots in a terrible childhood event. Mark is soon convinced that the only thing that can heal Marnie is a shock-like confrontation with her own past.

I very much recommend the film. The next time you “buy lust”, this DVD is certainly not the worst choice you could make.

After the film, I did some zapping and got stuck with the “Bavarian TV” and its program “Life Lines”.

“Initially, I was just the white boss …”

Here is an excerpt from the program telling you about the story:

Frank D. will never forget the year 1989. His family waited for him under the trimmed Christmas tree. But he still sat with his coloured labourers working on an employee participation contract. Suddenly, the much-feared South-African secret service stormed the room. Frank was incarcerated, his property was confiscated.  He was accused of being an active enemy of the state. All of a sudden, the once-millionaire was bitterly poor. Being a white entrepreneur in the apartheid state of South-Africa, he should not have negotiated with his labourers.

I only saw the end of the documentary. Regardless, I was impressed. In the end, Frank D. was interviewed.

Among other things, he was asked about his motivation. And how he, as an entrepreneur, always managed to rise again after having fallen low.

Here is his answer (using my own words):

  • You always have to be there with all your heart and passion!and
  • It must have meaning!

That is exactly how I, too, feel about it. Mind you, the meaningfulness must not come from outside. Everyone has to find his or her personal meaning. The best way would be together in the enterprise.

(Translated by EG)

All the articles of my entrepreneur’s diary can be found in the Drehscheibe!

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