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AutobahnkleeblattThis morning, I read in the SZ under “rural district” that the costs of an individual motorway project – the necessity of which, incidentally, I also cannot understand – will rise by 19 million Euros from the originally planned to 44.3 Million Euros.

In the end, it will probably be even more than that.

Let me cite from the SZ, district of Munich, of March, 24th, 2015:

Cost Explosion at A 99

The re-positioning of the exit Aschheim/Ismaning on the motorway A99 from Highway B 471 to District Road M3 will cost significantly more than has been estimated so far. This is what district chief executive Christoph Göbel (CSU) told the audience during a district council meeting in the Pullach Bürgerhaus on Monday afternoon. It is said that the Motorway Administrative Board South Bavaria informed the district administration that the construction works will cost a total of 44.3 million Euros. Initially, it had been assumed that the cost would be more than 25 million Euros. When the construction work started in summer 2013, they already talked 29 million Euros. The new exit on the crossroads of motorway A99 and District Road M 3 will be built as a full four-leaf clover.  The old exit of M 3 onto Highway B 471 will become a circuit with an underpass for the passing traffic.

I am particularly impressed by the second citation in this article. District Chief Executive Göbel just states:

“We have to assume an additional increase of general costs by 15 per cent.”

I can easily imagine that. Except that I keep hearing we have too little inflation.

(Translated by EG)

I took the picture „AK-Detail“ from Wikoli at deutschsprachige Wikipedia. It is licenced under CC BY-SA 3.0 through Wikimedia Commons.

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