brandeins in September/A Follow-Up

My review of the September “brandeins” was written under the hot son of Southern Greece. Since it was not possible to get a copy of “brandeins” in and around Gythio, I had to write a “review based on trust”.

Now I finished reading the September issue and I must say that my “advance laurels” were totally justified. I absolutely want to bring to your attention three very special articles in this edition.

The first one is an interview with Jens-Uwe Meyer on page 112 on “innovative and creative enterprise culture”.

Very exciting!

The very next article after this is about Ricardo Semler and Semco.

The South American Semco group is a conglomerate of enterprises entirely based on self-organization and unorthodox or even unthinkable rules (employees decide by themselves what they will earn…). Yet (I guess because of this), they are extremely successful.

I already read a lot about Semco and I also wrote about it in the IF blog. But I was never entirely sure if Semco really existed. And now in the September edition of “brandeins”, on page 115, they can be seen on high-gloss paper: Ricardo Semler, Semco and employees.

The “club principle” on page 122 is also very nice reading. To me, it looks like a hymn to partnerships. I like the concept very much, because I decided that 🙂 my next life will no longer be concerned with limited liability companies or incorporated companies. Instead, I will base everything on partnerships.

So I conclude that my September review was not bad at all. And I feel confirmed in my opinion that if not all managers, then at least all entrepreneurs owning real enterprises should read it

And some way or other, we are all entrepreneurs, aren’t we?

(Translated by EG)

You will find the articles in the internet. Here the links: Interview, Semco and Klubprinzip!

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