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brandeinsjuli13After the wedding of my daughter Sabine last Sunday, there was a little time left for me to quickly browse through the new brand eins. But before I report on it, let me say something more about the brand eins May edition. It was about ownership and, incidentally, dealt with “Sharing Economy”, which basically is nothing other than “sharing and exchanging”.

And as soon as June had arrived, we had an Isarcamp in Munich! That is an event which is part of the “Münchner Webwoche 2013″ organized by ISARNETZ. Isarcamp will take place on June, 7th and June, 8th, 2013. It will be a wonderful two-day anti-conference the 18 keynotes and 30 sessions of which will be about “share” on Friday and Saturday. And you get it all for unbelievable 29 Euros for both days!

And since I personally helped a little with the ISARNETZ, I would like to recommend you visit this anti-conference by all means. At least during one of the two days. And if you can afford it, you should purchase a sponsor’s ticket for 75 Euros (your name will be listed). The event is worth it!
But here come my comments on the June edition of brand eins. This time around, the cover looks a little aggressive. An anonymous person who apparently does not have the courage to show his or her face on the title page says:

“Mondays are the days when I could throw up.”
This looks like just a statement – with no exclamation marks. And – small wonder after reading those words – the focal point of the brand eins June edition is: motivation. As a matter of facts, I, too, believe that this unpleasant feeling is fairly common on a Monday morning in Germany.

Motivation is probably a very central issue for everybody (including entrepreneurs). I also remember having written an article in which I reported how I had explained the “motivation curve” to one of my mentees: Manage & More, Mentor & Mentee, Motivation and the Motivation Curve (Manage & More, Mentor & Mentee, Motivation und der Motivationsbusen ♫)

Mind you, it is probably quite easy. Motivation has something to do with meaning. And it is probably not only a necessary, but even a sufficient requirement for a good “motivation situation” of an enterprise that the enterprise must make sense. The rest, such as a good entrepreneurial culture, are probably only useful requirements. Mostly, they will perhaps develop by themselves.

Regardless of the fact that it might be quite easy, the brand eins, naturally, tells you a lot more. For instance on page 80 about “burning without burning down”. In this article, those entrepreneurs seeing themselves more as CEO’s, too, will find nourishment that is to their taste.

Basically, I hesitate to – yet again – shower praise on the team around Frau Fischer. After all, who am I to judge, anyway. But if there is a German magazine which actually can help managers a little with their daily strive and therefore has a right to be called “business magazine”, then brand eins is it.

(Translated by EG)

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