brand eins in February (2011) – Ufftata, Ufftata.

Everybody Listen, Please!

The “brand eins” of February is quite a noisy affair. Its focal point is on Marketing/Event. And everyone is asked to listen.

It fits with the (fifth) season. After all, Carnival is also about masquerade and the similarities between marketing and masquerade are quite striking.

Isn’t Carnival also where you try to hide your true self and show people the person you would like to be? How often is it that a very profane face hides behind a wonderful mask?

And don’t those who wear the mask rejoice when they managed, through good marketing, to lure their desired and impressed victim into the bedchamber, where they can seduce her at their own leisure, with or without mask?

The magazine itself has the adequately striped fool’s cover. So I get under way and start reading the articles in a “Helau” mood.

Inside, however, there is not much left of Carnival. It is more about how much work it takes to make masquerade, marketing and events a success.

🙂 And the articles, too, look like they have been well rehearsed and diligently written after a lot of intense research. In other words: a lot of work has been invested.

After reading the editorials by Frau Gabriele Fischer with their recommendable advice what to read, I end up in the World of Numbers (p. 10) and A Good Question (p. 12). As usual, it is lively and bold. Then you can read about a House in Flames (it is about how our society changes, probably also caused by the internet) and the Closer Look at Numbers. This time, the numbers are by Red Bull! To be sure, I am not enthusiastic about the drink, but I like the story.

And here is the focal point, the prologue of marketing/event (p. 41). On page 66, you can read background information on sponsoring (very interesting – after all, we, too, sponsor various social events and athletic activities).

The pictures of the Expo Hannover are of special interest for me. This world exhibition already lies 10 years in the past. I remember taking all our seven children in the ICE and going to the Expo. We stayed in Hannover for two nights at the time. It was a brilliant present for my 50ieth birthday and at the same time a wonderful family outing. We still often talk about it once in a while. But unfortunately, I am now 60 and the expo area suffered exactly the fate I had feared at the time – it simply degenerated.

What also caught my eye were the Edutainer (p. 107) and This is How I Model My Own Star (p. 127). It shows how you can do successful business even with classics (as probably with anything else, as well).

But even the Sunday was too short. There is plenty left for me to read.

(Translated by EG)

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