brand eins in December

This year’s last “brand eins“ already sat in my letter box on Saturday, November, 18th, 2011. In former times, I did not understand that.

Basically, a December issue should not appear before December, 1st, should it? – Well, maybe some special close friends might get it as early as November, 30th.

But times have changed. After all, the palettes full of Christmas cookies have also already been sitting on the shelves at the discount shops for quite some time.

Here is what the magazine is about:

It is titled The Yearning After The Real Thing

And the focal point is WORLD OF PRODUCTS

Here is an advice up front: whenever you get hold of a “brand eins“ magazine, the first thing you should read is the editorial by Frau Fischer. After that, you will be a lot wiser and know what the mgazine is about and perhaps also what it is trying to achieve.
I did exactly that and immediately realized that this “brand eins“ is also about something else entirely! It is about the social change of our world caused by technological change. In this “brand eins“, they ask about the influence of “digital progress“. And how it all connects with quality.

The articles themselves, again, contain a lot of material. Back to the roots, self-supply, the wish to be haptic , the annoying copyright problem, acceleration, change, change in the way we think…

Well, this was only to give you a few catchwords. My personal judgement is (as always, which almost is an embarrassment): absolutely worth reading!
And since it is soon Christmas and we all already have everything we need and still you have to give people something – I think “brand eins“ is a great present. It is just in a totally different league from all those other mediocre business magazines I know.

And a surprisingly high number of people do not yet know  it. So you will find it easy to collect browny points by giving it to somebody! And you can make a precious present of it with a subscription. As opposed to a small, not too expensive present if you just buy a single issue. Very useful.

And the January-2012 edition will probably be available before December, 24th, 2011 …


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