brand eins in August

As early as in the middle of last week, it already sat in my letter box. In fact, it accompanied me to Nuremberg last Thursday, remained by my side all the time – and yet only really arrived today.

It is blue, a beautiful blue. Somehow or other, it is already quite an achievement to select a nice colour each month. A colour that is actually suitable for the theme and content. I am quite serious!

The magazine is titled

Doing Nothing.

I rather like this. After all, I dream of the “Lazy Manager“ and “Relaxed Entrepreneur”. Well, I certainly know that many problems will solve themselves. For instance the very important email I never got around to answering late last night. On the next morning, after I woke up, it turned out said email was no longer necessary.

Mind you, you must not confuse doing nothing with “sitting something out“.

Politicians like to do this – and I would prefer them “doing nothing” instead of “sitting things out”. There certainly is a significant difference.

Then you find the sub-title:
And how it can be put to good use.

I do not (yet) understand. Who said I wanted to put doing nothing to good use? So now I open the magazine and start reading the editorial by Frau Fischer. Her heading is “heaven and hell”. And I immediately understand what she means. For some people “doing nothing” is heaven, for others it is “hell”.

Mind you, I am sure you should not see it in terms of black-and-white. Personally, I would think my preference is “doing nothing is heaven”. And I believe “doing nothing is hell” tends a little towards “psychic disorder”. There they go again, my prejudices…

Regardless of the invitation to do nothing, I already read some of the articles. It strikes me that this brand eins edition is mostly about humans and their fate. I find that nice. If you see it under this light, the April brand eins is quite suitable for reading and relaxing during your vacation.

À propos: at the end of Frau Fischer’s editorial, you can also read the words “vacation” and “stress” in a single sentence. Well, if that is how things work, I think I might do without vacation and instead prefer “doing nothing”.

(Translated by EG)

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