brand eins in April

I arrived home from the airport on Tuesday morning – back from the South Sea. A little more than three weeks abroad caused quite some mail to pile up – and, surprise, surprise, the new “brand eins” was among the letters.
First and foremost, I am disappointed. The cover is coloured in black-red-gold. That is the opposite of my favourite design. Especially after all those beautiful blues of the Pacific Ocean and the many saturated greens around the islands and atolls with their rain forests, I cannot seem to accept it.
In my opinion, subsidies are nonsense, especially if we are talking subsidies to the tune of 163 billion Euros. We simply do not have this kind of money! And, as I see it, the question “How can we subsidize the right things?” simply is one that cannot be reasonably answered.

In the evening, I fight my jetlag by reading in the magazine. And I manage to remain awake, after all…

Indeed, it’s a very exciting brand eins!

It starts on the very first pages with the dressmaker from Singapore. Now I understand why one of my sons always pays so little for his wonderful suits. The world in numbers gets more and more unbelievable (is it really true that the average German man sees his doctor 18 times a year?), yet remains credible. It is also obvious that the environment friendliness of environment-friendly energies still has some way to go.

The longer articles start with the SMS Eagle. It is about “crowd sourcing”, now very strictly based on SMS. I wonder if this is still totally fashionable in times of smart-phones and the enormous speed at which everything around us is changing? And then I read the most outrageous of all things: the balance sheet of BP after the Gulf of Mexico. It is really unbelievable.

When reading the lengthy interview with Sherry Turkle “Rat Race E-Mail”, the tiredness of the long journey finally catches up on me.

I put the “brand eins” aside, switch off the light and – for the first time in more than three weeks – sleep again in a bed that is neither on water, nor in the air. During the weekend, there will again be a little time to read.

(Translated by EG)

In this “brand eins”, you will also find some entrepreneurs and enterprises mentioned who very pointedly refused subsidies.

We at InterFace AG did the same, although we are contacted by counsellors on a weekly basis. They offer to get subsidies for us if we give them a profit share in the two-digit per cent sphere (there is quite a range).
Some of them seem to have a first-class success rate…

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