Bi-Weekly News #34: IF Akcademy / IF-Forum – Thursday, September, 19th, 2013 – Careful! – E-Mail!

This week, the time has again come: on September, 19th, 2913, at 18:00 hours, there will be another interesting IF Forum as part of our IF Academy. You can hear an exciting presentation about:

Mailserver & Mail-Client (Careful E-MAIL!)

“History, Spam&Virusses” or “concepts for the secure and reliable operation of a mail server”

(Hans Bonfigt / Marc Haber – redoxSystems)

And here is the good news:

HaberMarcII200911-Heidelfoto-A-orig-IMG_4678plus_v2Marc Haber will also come.

By now, we can verify that, besides Hans Bonfigt, Marc Haber will also be there. The two of them are experts when it comes to the technology and the depths of our so often-used medium email. In fact, with these two persons we have a couple of “supremely knowledgeable” guests who are both extremely competent and radically critical, since they are “chips of the old block”. Both of them have the special talent of coming up with simple explanations even when the topic is complex. I know them both personally and they will give very interesting reports as co-speakers.

For instance, they will deduce logically that an enterprise basically cannot avoid having its own mail server. They will also show how easy it is to install said mail server and how cheaply it works if you use free software.

Simultaneously, they will give a quasi “first-hand account” about the rather “common” concept of “SINA-Boxes” potentially abusing your civil rights on a daily basis without your having even the slightest chance of so much as noticing it.

Since currently this topic is rather much-discussed, we promoted the IF Academy presentation to become a “special IF Forum”.

Consequently, this coming Thursday evening is another very good opportunity to introduce InterFace AG to our friends, partners, customers and all interested persons, as well as to new colleagues.

So here I am asking you all to support the IF Forum and make it a lively event. I will also be very happy to welcome participants who failed to register on time or decide to visit spontaneously.

For details and registration, click here: LINK !

I look forward to welcoming many visitors!

(Translated by EG)

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