Beer & Informatics – July, 18th, 2013 -– Felix Köbler – “Crowdsourcing & RailScout”

Thursday, InterFace Event at TUM:
Technological Presentations for Computer Scientists
July, 18th,  2013 – earlier than usual: 4 p.m. at TUM!

The next presentation in our series IF Academy – Technological Presentations 2013 will be on July, 18th – as usual on a Thursday. This time, however, we will not remain in the Unterhaching InterFace building. Instead, we will go on tour with our circus and the event and Happy Hour afterwards will be at TU München in Garching. The TUM has reserved the lecture hall “Konrad Zuse” for us.

felis_swThe speaker if Felix Köbler. Felix spent a huge part of his computer science training and research at TUM.

He will tell us what totally new ways of thinking and opportunities have already been realized through the internet and the corresponding technologies – and also how it might go on from there. His topic will be:

Crowdsourcing & RailScout  
An introduction and selected delicacies and crowdsourcing solutions for safe and clean railway stations.

Abstract provided by Felix:

The first part of my presentation will give you an outline of the current technological and socio-technological developments. For example the adoption and use of ubiquitous and mobile technologies which not only are immersed in our daily lives but also make totally new applications possible.

One promising and totally new application is crowdsourcing. It means the outsourcing of tasks or value-creating activities to an un-defined group of voluntary users by an enterprise or institution.

I will discuss the potential and problems of these innovative concepts using various examples beyond the widely known applications and initiatives such as Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap. One of the specialties of crowdsourcing is the extension of existing job-sharing models by the factor motivation, which is often used for applying gamification – that is the use of game elements in non-game contexts –  in its socio-technological application.

The second part of my presentation will be about an actual solution and application: “RailScout”, which belongs to the area of the so-called “Mobile Crowdsourcing” as made possible by the technological development in the field of mobile end devices. “RailScout” is a smartphone application for passengers and gives them the chance to call in problems, like technological or maintenance damage and littering at railway stations and infra-structure buildings, directly to the responsible administration.

My presentation is meant to give you both the current results gained from the experiment still under way and diverse insights in to the craftsman-like process  (Participatory Design/User-centered Design) and conceptual challenges in the field of gamification during the problem solution development phase.

The Speaker

Felix Köbler is a doctorial candidate at the chair for Business Informatics of Munich Technical University. He holds a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. in Information Systems/Business Informatics of Munich Technical University and studied, among other places, at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China and Technical University of Tampere, Finland and University Tampere, Finland.

His research is mainly on distributed software engineering, social networking, gamification, persuasive technologies and ubiquitous and mobile computing with a strong focus on human-computer interaction. The results of his research has been published in international technological journals, such as AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction and International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction (IJHCI), as well as presented on international conferences, such as the International Conference on Information Systems, European Conference on Information Systems and ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

Besides having established RailScout, he is also active in the fields of User Experience Design and strategic advice, as well as in Business Development at “FELD M” , which is a counselling company for digital marketing. Also, he works as a freelance counsellor.

Here is some information on the event series

At two-month intervals, we invite people to listen to a presentation with some technological, leader-specific or entrepreneurial topic. Our invitations go out to all interested computer scientists living in the area and, of course, especially to all our colleagues at InterFace AG.

The presentations are meant to hand on innovative knowledge and special experience from practice for practice, following the idea of craftsmanship. Our focal point and content is in the fields of programming as a German engineering feat, modern basic know-how, future-oriented technologies, insider knowledge, changes in established technologies, experience from project such as management and leadership and much more.

Usually our speakers take 30 minutes for their presentation, then you have 60 minutes for discussion. And afterwards, there will always be a “Happy Hour”.
The events take place on every third Thursday of the uneven months of the year.

(Translated by EG)

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