Are Entrepreneurs “Dominant Logicians” or “Evolutionary Helmsmen” (Presentation)

The following questions have been on my mind for some time now:

Does an enterprise work more like a biological system, or is it more like a technical machine? What influence do managers actually have? Do leaders qualify by their superior intelligence and extra knowledge? Or is their influence on teams more caused by, perhaps even unconscious, emotional factors?
The central question we might ask is:

Are good decisions really based on a dominant logic?

And is rationality just an attempt at shunning decisions in that we generate an alleged truth by rational thinking from which we hope to deduce rationally? Do we, maybe, even deceive ourselves? To be sure, it is possible to deduce correctly from wrong concepts. But this procedure is all but valid.

I will discuss these topics on the evening of April, 13th, 2010 at Rotary Club in the airport building at Munich. Many thanks for the invitation to Frau Dr. Gisela Bolbrügge at RC.

The official headline of my presentation is:

Entrepreneurs: “Dominant Logicians!” or “Evolutionary Helmsmen?”

Entrepreneurs, managers and leaders play a special role for the eco-social systems called “enterprise”. What is their potential for shaping the future? What qualities should they have in order to do a good job in the world of “Enterprise 2.0”? What is the concept of humanity a “modern” leader should believe in?

I will prepare some heretical theses on this subject and I hope that an interesting discussion will ensue. I already look forward to the evening.

Presuming that it is a closed event, I cannot invite all the readers to attend. I will, however, give you an overview of the presentation soon afterwards in the IF blog!

(Translated by EG)

An entrepreneur can be seen as a hobby gardener who lovingly tends his garden all around the year, or else with a model railroad builder who never finishes adding to his railway system (see also my article).

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