Alkestis-MoirenOn Saturday evening, I spent another night in the theatre. This time we went to the “Residenz des Bayerischen Staatsschauspiel.”

We combined the trip into the city with shopping. It is just practical and fun to stroll through the special shops and shopping centres of the great city shortly before arriving at the theatre.

Problem getting to the theatre afterwards, either. After all, there was no security summit in Munich this weekend.

We sat on quite respectable seats (balcony, first row) and the piece was “Alkestis“ by the great Euripides. It was all about hospitality, love and death.

Alkestis-SäuferWe enjoyed a wonderful night in the theatre, characterized by a combination of deep sadness and airy humour. It was a magical interplay of many dimensions. With exciting dialogues and equivocal monologues.

The play had many turning points, driven by double meanings. We were surprised all the time, even though some of them had been announced before.

For me, it was the best play I saw in a long time. The two hours seemed like nothing and I shed tears of emotion more than once.

Alkestis-LiebeI learned a lot from the piece. The thoughts of the Moirae on necessity and expecting impossible things and developments made a huge impression on me.
The main reason for me writing this article is to recommend to all my friends to go to the theatre more often. Munich is a super theatre city. It is rally a great luxury we indulge in.

Isn’t it a pity that some people live in a city that offers such great opportunities and then they do not enjoy and take advantage them? Some people say they are too stressed out already and some are just impassive for lack of initiative.
It is well worth the effort. Theatre is a lot nicer than many other things. And, considering that even the MVV ticket is included, the price is really surprisingly moderate.

That is why I find it hard to understand why an entire row of seats in the “Residenztheater” remained unoccupied on a Saturday night like the last one when such a wonderful play was on stage.

So here comes my advice: quit watching TV – run to the theatre!

(Translated by EG)

Again, I took the pictures from the homepage of the “Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel”. The copyright is with Thomas Dashuber, the photos may be downloaded for free if you use them lawfully!

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