Letters From Vietnam #6 – Help Us Build a House

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haus-heuteThe little house in the province of Nam Dinh is 50 square metres. It used to be a garage. Bishop Peter bought it for seven handicapped girls and had it renovated – it was a makeshift solution for the girls.

Initially, none of the children earned anything, because every one of them started without proper training. Their families cannot care for them. Being physically handicapped, they are practically not able to work and nobody wanted to employ them. Many people are repelled on seeing them.

The small house is damaged in the real sense of the word. The plans for a new construction are finished. Around half of the entire costs, that is 40,000 Euros, have already been supplied. Please help us find the rest.

It smells bad if you use the toilet or fry some food. The children have to keep their clothes in a plastic bag. There is no ventilation in toilet, kitchen or bathroom. The water filters are in the toilet.  13 children sleep on a sleeping area of 2 m x 5.5 m, two more children have to sleep on the floor. The boy has to spend the nights in the local church.

For two years, Bishop Peter financed the upkeep of the children all by himself. Then one of the children took a course to learn Photoshop. Now the girl teaches what she learned to other children in the house. Since she started doing so, the children actually earn some money. Currently this amounts to around one third of what they need.

haus-adDetails zum Hausbau in Nam Dinh (Fotos, Pläne, Erläuterungen, PDF, 8 MB)

What is important is that their lives now have meaning. There is something for them to do, and they are proud to contribute towards their own living. They no longer feel like they are the leftovers of society. They laugh and live and plan to continue learning and they forget their pain and their doom.

In addition to Photoshop, the children can sell telephone cards, Sim cards, soap and a little paper. One of the girls will now go to Hanoi where she will learn Microsoft Office. So later, she can teach it to other children at home again, which will enable them to do other work at home, such as write letters, do calculations and fill in forms.

If we start now, we can build a house with 210 square metres on this small property. There would be work space, living space and an area for lectures. By European standards, we are not talking much money. But for our handicapped children in this house, it would be a great gift in life, a wish come true – or a small paradise.

If you wish to contribute, here is the information you need:


Salesianer Don Boscos    
Konto-Nr: 22378015    
Bankleitzahl: 37060193 (Pax – Bank)

Verwendungszweck: Agent-Orange-Kinder Hausbau

Francis Van Hoi/MS
(Translated by EG)

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