Letters From Vietnam #11 – Typhoon

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Dear Friends and Supporters of Francis Van Hois,

almost three months after he returned to Vietnam, I finally received the first more detailed message from Francis. It seems like his activities and his absolute wish to make a difference provoke more and more opposition. Especially by those who would very much prefer for matters to remain as they have always been. Francis is not feeling vey well.

“[…] There is no freedom on earth and Christians wage war. They exploit developing countries in order to buy cheaply. They destroy the environment … Christians in Europe and North America throw food into the waste while children in Asia, Latin America and Africa go hungry. Christians in Europe and North America buy 200 pairs of shoes while children in Asia, Latin America and Africa go without shoes. …

These are not the things Jesus did. Jesus wanted differently, but unfortunately Jesus has poor ground personnel. That is why he has been waiting for success for 2,000 years…

I believe in Jesus. That is good enough for me. I will not keep quiet, just because many people do not like me. I do not care…”

Incidentally, typhoons which have played havoc in Central Vietnam over the last few weeks add to the problem.


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