PowerPoint Pleasure!

Von Li

The Council for the Prosecution is always happy if once in a while he does not have to deal with crimes and other offences. And that is exactly how the communication advisor feels about PowerPoint. An excellent idea, namely to upgrade presentation with graphics, has been realized in a criminally unworthy way, and that hurts. However, we get really enthusiastic as soon as a coach manages to take a team with him on a new, creative and successful path.

Communication will suddenly turn out to work beautifully as soon as the sender adjusts his frequency to that of the recipient.  (There are actually some people who think it has to be the other way around). And if you structure your message in a way that makes it easy for that mutator of waves (brains) into understanding to do its work, you will be well received in the truest sense of the word.

Speaking, writing and designing what you want to say so that it does justice to the brains is what I call 1-A communication. That means the PowerPoint crime I described in my last blog article is due to, injustice done to the brain when you communicate.

Presenting text in grey tones drastically increases the effort the brain has to make; stories full of phantasy and images make the work a pleasure for the brain. Brains love games, visions and stories. And what many have forgotten or never even knew:


And now guess what boredom, heady complexity and unemotional drivel do to the listener? As I see it, the word crime truly describes the situation. How many hours of your life have you spent suffering under this “brain-consuming” waste of time that kills all enthusiasm? How often have you wondered why you were depressed, exhausted and empty after a meeting, workshop or seminar? And how much stuck with you of all these meetings, instructions, and conferences? Pitifully little!

Here is the formula how to create PowerPoint Pleasure: ZERO, ONE, THREE!!!

  1. Almost zero text
  2. One metaphor, in the form of an image, film or audio file per slide.
  3. A maximum of three points per presentation on few slides

Stories provide the brain with examples it can learn by. If you cannot have your presentation designed by a professional, record it on a tape using the actual surroundings you expect. That automatically prevents you from using school-like grammar-perfect sentences. It promotes a spoken language. (After all, we use spoken language, rather than written language when we communicate!)

Without making an apparent effort, you will be clarifying what you want to say by using comprehensible examples and by talking adequately and coherently. And if you can think of nothing more, that means there is nothing more to say. Less is not only more; it is the golden rule of rhetoric’s. Basically, it can all be said on one sentence: Throw ballast overboard (including slides)!

Liberate yourself along with your (formerly so painfully abused) listeners!

Accept help from the professionals and you will be a great orator.

(translated by EG)

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