Morals, Double Morals, Hyper Morals.

Von kk

Frau Käßmann resigned.

The immediate reaction is a great lamentation:

Poor woman.

The same would not have happened if it had been a man.

She served us and our cause poorly (Alice Schwarzer).

What are the facts?

The lady has an alcohol problem she now approaches hands-on.

She made a mistake the consequences of which she accepts.

Absolutely correct.

With all our moral hypertrophy,

It is no longer possible

to call a MISTAKE a mistake.

For decades, the Catholic Church 
tolerated paederasts among their ranks, and they still believe
it should be their decision
who has to be taken to court and tried.

In Austria, they light memorial candles 
for sunlamp politicians who damage their official cars 
while driving totally drunk (1.9 per mill), who ruined the public budget 
by handing out gifts to the voters (it was not the evil 
strangers) and who deceived the Bavarian state politicians 
to the tune of several billion Euros (this only proofs: 
business is no place for politicians).

Politicians are getting enthusiastic again, 
demanding the abolition of self-accusation by tax evaders
and the purchase of illegal discs.

They demand total taxation of all incomes -
but their own lump-sum payments are up to 7,500 Euros.

In Iran, a gang of criminals is busy building the bomb and killing 
their own compatriots and our hyper moralists from totally left to 
totally green have nothing to say at all about it.

On hearing the word “culture” I draw my weapon” G. Benn.
Ditto on hearing the word “morals”.

(Translated by EG)

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